Gymkraft Vietnam

Faster - Higher - Stronger

Krafting    Rates

Trial class/ Single lesson: VND 300,000

Fees are paid per 8-week course when register.


1 class: VND 300,000 per week

2 classes: VND 450,000 per week

* Please call or drop us a message to check the availability of our classes before booking your trial session.



Term 1: 11/08 -05/10/19 --MU: 12/10

Term 2: 14/10-07/12/19--MU: 14/12

Term 3: 06/01-07/03/20--MU: 14/03

Term 4: 16/03-16/05/20--MU: 23/05

* Please call or drop us a message to check the availability of our classes before booking your trial session.

Term Fees, Notices, and Attendance
  • All fees paid are non-refundable.
  • New term payment are to be made in full by the 3rd week of the new term. This is to ensure you/your child retains his/her slot in our classes, or we would give the place to those on the wait-list.
  • For classes with a waiting list, students who will be away for a whole term have to make advanced payment in order to secure their class placement for the following term.
  • Attendance is taken every lesson you/your child attends.
  • Announcements and important information (Closure of Gym due to holidays or special events) will be disseminated via a paper of Notice or texted to your mobile phone number stated in the registration form.
Make-Up Classes
  • Make-up classes must be made within the current term only. Please call 1 or 2 days in advance to reserve a space in the intended make-up class.
  • GymKraft reserves the right to disallow a student from attending the make-up class without prior notice if the class is at its maximum capacity.
  • You may bring forward a maximum of 3 remaining lessons to the next term, provided that the new term's fees are fully paid.
  • Classes that are brought forward are only valid for one term. Any remaining unutilised classes will be forfeited.
Kids Gymnastics - Assessment and Promotion
  • All GymKraft students are only eligible for an assessment through an endorsement from GymKraft coaches. We do not accept any request from parents for assessment. A new student with regular attendance (minimum of one session a week) would typically take 3 terms to be ready and be considered for an assessment. 
  • Non-GymKraft students who expressed an interest in joining our competitive team are required to demonstrate their last competitive routine and skills as required from our assessing coach through a paid assessment session.
  • All GymKaft students would need to have at least 80% compentency in executing and demonstrating the skills in accordance with our Progression Chart to pass the assessment and be considered to be promoted to the next level.