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Gymnastics      Benefits

What is Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is a widely renowned sport that improves overall physical fitness,

body awareness, and coordination. These foundational skills improve athletic performance 

which are applicable to any other sports.

There are seven varieties of gymnastics, namely Women’s Artistic, Men’s Artistic, Rhythmic, Trampoline, Acrobatics, Aerobics and Gymnastics for all.  Artistic Gymnastics is the most commonly practised form of gymnastics, and is competed in the Olympics.


Benefit of participation in Gymnastics with Gymkraft

All students benefit from taking gymnastics classes with Gymkraft which not only involves their physical benefits but their life skills.

Not only our students get a chance to practice cartwheels, flips, rolling…etc but the majority benefit of doing gymnastics is to help them fulfill their personality to become a better student and a well-rounded adults.

Fitness and healthy lifestyle

When it comes to gymnastics, many parents think this sport is just for people who want to become a gymnast. In fact, just a few become Olympic gymnast. Gymnastics can be a sport for everyone. The idea of practicing gymnastics is to help students enjoy physical activity.

While the number of obese children is increasing and that finding a healthy and active life for our children to enjoy is important.

Our Kraftin’ Programme teach the students how to be successful with physical skills and get out of their comfort zone to be active and healthy.

Strength  development

Gymnastics is a whole-body sport which helps participants to develop upper body, lower body and core strength. Students who take up gymnastics class show their strength, muscles and a healthy fit body at their young age.

Body  co-ordination

Flexibility is very important to prevent injuries and daily aches or pains. Flexibility is something we wish we possess it when we were born. But we can always gain flexibility from practicing and no sports give athlete flexibility than gymnastics does.


Taking part in Kraftin’ Programme with us, parents will soon see their kid’s flexibility n doing split, bridge, bending etc.These will help a lot with preventing injuries and also to better other sports which require flexibility.


Gymnastics programme helps better body coordination and body awareness. We design the lessons to help out students to work with coordinating their body parts. No one knows how to run if they don’t practice or learn. Body co-ordination is very important in fulfill the skills in all sports.

Social skills

Gymnastics provides opportunity to develop social skills for participants at all ages.

In Kin-gym class, students learn how to listen to instruction, how to line up, be quite and listening class while coaches are talking and work, think independently and be respectful to others.

For Begym class, besides these fundamental skills they get a chance to learn how things work that way, to ask question and to learn from coaches’ feedback.


Besides, they all get to know and establish discipline themselves to become a disciplinal person.

In the gym there are rules for the children's safety. These rules must be followed and this takes discipline. The other part is self discipline.


Also, gymnastics help students to overcome the fears. There are things in gymnastics that are scary and a lot of skills or drills have to do with the fear of trying something new that they have never done before. We encourage our students to express their fears to us and we work together to get them to overcome their fears in a safe environments with spotting and encourage from our coaches.


By overcoming the fears in doing gymnastics, they will become more confident in completing the activities and it helps them to become a brave person in real life.