Faster - Higher - Stronger

Gymkraft Vietnam

Gymnastics Coach
Hanoi, Vietnam

I have been trained as a Gymnastics coach at Gymkraft. Before that, I love doing sport-related activities such as running, badminton, table tennis, and shuttlecock.


Working as a gymnastics coach, it's been an opportunity for me to gain a better understanding about my body, strength limit, flexibility, and more. For me, the motivation to become a coach is that I love sports and out-door activities, and working with kids in a role as an educator, mentor, and coach. The most fulfilling about being a coach is that I can see my students overcome their fear and try their best to work out in the class. Also, helping students with body awareness and how to co-ordinate the parts of the body together make me feel fulfilled and rewarded.


In my free time, I like running, hiking, and travelling to many places. Writing and hanging around are also what I like to do.


One of the favorite quotes that I often remind myself of is “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving”. I also can relate to this quote when it comes to Gymnastics; when we can overcome a challenge, moving to the next level, and keep trying and moving forward. That is also what I think of when working as a coach.